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4 Items Every Data Cabling Tech Should Have in their Toolbox

A data cabling technician, or cabeler, needs to have both general tools and ones specific to their job. If you are considering a career as a data cabling technician, there are some must have tools you'll need to get the job done. Here are four of those must-have items and a little information about each one. If you are planning on purchasing a kit, you'll need to make sure it includes these items.

Two Blade Punch Down Tool

A two bladed punch down tool allows you to push down and cut off excess cable at the end of a line. The reason you will need a two bladed option is to handle the two basic sizes of wires that you will encounter as a data cabling technician. You can purchase ones with removable blades that can be traded out depending on the job. Most basic technician kits will include at least a one bladed punch down tool option.

Lineman Scissors

You may think that using traditional scissors will work well, but the truth is, if you want to cut and strip cable then you need lineman scissors. These are specialty scissors and may not be in typical kits. These are a backup for some technicians and used as an alternative to wire cutters or other ways to clean up the cable. The reason most technicians use these is because of the precision of the tool and the ability to handle more than just cutting the wires.

Wire Pick

A wire pick is a plastic device that looks like a stick with a small hook on the end. This is used for pulling out and straightening wires that may become cluttered or jammed up during the cabling process. You can pick a single wire out of a jumble and untangle it, replace it, and straighten the length to give a clean and professional data cabling line.

Drywall Cutter

A drywall cutter is something you will need as a data cabler in order to place holes and outlets for the cable. These are hand held cutters designed for making smaller cuts and holes in the drywall rather than taking out large chunks. You can also find accessories to these cutters that can cut through wood and sometimes plaster or brick as well. This is ideal if you are uncertain of the building the data cabling will be done in.

These are just four of the items every data cabling technician should have in their toolbox. If you need any of these items, contact resources like Allround Electrical Pty Ltd.