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Why Invest In LED Grow Lights For A Greenhouse?

There are various commercial applications for which LED lighting systems are used. A large number of these applications are well-known (e.g. corporate event lighting) while others are not-so-well known (e.g. LED virtual skies).

The use of LED lighting in greenhouses is often among the not-so-well known applications for this technology. Provided below are a few reason why every greenhouse owner needs to invest in commercial LED lighting for their agricultural practice.

Photosynthesis And The Colour Spectrum

Among the main reasons to invest in commercial LED lighting for a greenhouse is that doing this can have a positive impact on photosynthetic processes in greenhouse plants.

Chlorophyll in greenhouse plants is charged with the responsibility of absorbing light for photosynthesis. The colour or wavelength of available light has a significant impact on the rate of photosynthesis in greenhouse plants. This is because plants only use red and blue-coloured light (out of the entire colour spectrum) in the process of photosynthesis.

In this regard, the installation of commercial LED lighting systems in a greenhouse can be advantageous in the sense that the lighting systems can be custom-made to emit light across a section of the colour spectrum that is beneficial for photosynthetic processes in greenhouse plants.

Greater Control Over Indoor Temperatures

Another reason for greenhouse owners to invest in commercial LED lighting systems is that they will be in a better position to control temperatures inside the greenhouse.

A major difference between LED lighting technology and fluorescent tubes (or incandescent lamps) is the fact that the operation of LED bulbs produces a significantly lower quantity of heat and significantly higher quantities of light.

When traditional lighting options are used on a greenhouse, the excess heat produced during their operation is absorbed into the greenhouse air. This results in increased indoor temperatures within the greenhouse, which is often undesirable. Commercial LED lights will cause little interference with the indoor temperatures in a greenhouse, thereby allowing the farmer greater control over indoor temperatures.

The Ability To Focus Light On Specific Greenhouse Areas

Lastly, commercial LED lighting is advantageous because it allows a farmer the opportunity to focus light on specific (read shaded) areas of the greenhouse where such light is of importance.

This is made possible by the fact that LED bulbs emit light in a unidirectional manner.  As such, LED lighting can be installed in such a manner that the unidirectional light is focused on shaded areas of the greenhouse.

For more information, talk to a commercial LED lighting professional.