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Being an electrician is a fun job. I get to see all sorts of offices and homes. A lot of the time, the jobs I need to do are relatively small, but it's great that people call me because the risks of someone who doesn't know what they are doing getting hurt on electrical work is huge. I never look at a job and think why did these people call me? If you are a bright spark and don't like to meddle in electrical work you don't fully understand, then keep reading my site. I'm passionate about safe electrical work.

3 Benefits of LED Floodlights

If you are considering the ways in which you can light the exterior of your property during the hours of darkness, you may be thinking about installing floodlights. There are many different types of floodlight on the market, such as halogen lights, high-intensity discharge lights and traditional incandescent lamps. However, you should also consider the new kid on the floodlight block, LED lighting. Below is a guide to 3 benefits that LED floodlights can offer.

LED lights have an extended lifespan

One problem with traditional incandescent floodlights is that the bulbs frequently burn out. A floodlight with a broken bulb will not deter intruders from entering your property or allow you to see your way down your garden path at night time. It can also be very inconvenient to have to keep climbing a ladder to change a blown bulb. LED bulbs have a longer lifespan when compared to traditional incandescent lamps which will help you to save on the amount of time, energy and money you need to spend maintaining your floodlight system.

LED lights are energy efficient

The cost of electricity is rising every year , and depending on how you plan to use them, installing floodlights on your property can create the potential for a sharp increase in your energy usage. LED lights only use a tiny fraction of the energy consumed by standard halogen or incandescent light bulbs. Because of their design, LED light bulbs still supply the same quality of light as a high-intensity discharge lights but without the increased cost. The reduced energy usage also makes LED lights the perfect choice for anyone who is concerned about the environment.

LED lights provide great directional lighting options

A standard incandescent or halogen bulb cannot be pointed to shine in a particular direction. Instead, the bulb will emit light in all directions. While this can be useful if you wish to illuminate a large area, it can also cause problems if the light is shining into a neighbour's bedroom window. Because LED lights emit light in a straight line, they offer the advantage of highly directional lighting. By adjusting the LED floodlight, you should be able to direct the beam into a localised area, which will allow you to avoid lighting areas you would rather be kept dark.

If you would like further advice and information about installing LED lighting in or around your home, contact a residential electrician today.