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A Brief Guide to Human-Centric Commercial Lighting for Your Office Space

While some people may associate lighting trends with residential spaces, the reality is that commercial buildings have not been left behind. Over the years, more and more business owners are discovering the impact that their lighting has on various aspects of their operations such as productivity, the aesthetic appeal of the premises and even customer experience, which has increased their interest in engaging in a commercial lighting retrofit to overhaul the interiors and exteriors of their properties. But when looking to change the lighting in your office, you should not limit yourself to simply investing in LED bulbs to replace the old hardware. A more versatile solution you should consider is transitioning to human-centric commercial lighting?

What is human-centric commercial lighting?

When some people think of lighting, particularly for commercial applications, they solely focus on its utilitarian purpose. Hence, in the workplace, you will likely be considering the wattage of LED bulbs to ensure that they are bright enough to keep workstations, and the office at large, well illuminated. Human-centric lighting focuses more on creating optimum conditions via illumination. The main tenet behind this approach is to mimic the same effects that sunlight has on human bodies. Although human-centric lighting has been primarily utilised in smart homes, more and more business owners are realising the various elements of this type of commercial lighting can have lasting benefits for their employees.

What are the elements of human-centric lighting?

As mentioned above, human-centric lighting focus on creating optimum conditions in the workplace by mimicking natural lighting conditions through the use of various elements. These elements include:

  • The spectrum of the light, as some colours will enhance the atmosphere of the office and consequently the state of mind of your employees.
  • The intensity of the light, for example, by using varying lighting intensities at different parts of the commercial property.
  • The dispersion of the light, which is controlled by programming pre-sets that will dim, brighten, turn off and turn on the human-centric lighting system as needed.

What are the benefits of transitioning your workplace to human-centric commercial lighting?

Admittedly, transitioning to human-centric commercial lighting does require a substantial investment. Regardless, the advantages that it offers far outweigh this cost. For starters, human-centric commercial lighting can enhance the cognitive abilities and alertness of your employees. Emulating intense morning sunlight, for example, stimulates your employees and this bolsters productivity. Another advantage of human-centric commercial lighting is improved visual impact. With personalised light dispersion and varying intensities, you can mitigate glare in the workplace and this, in turn, reduces eye fatigue in your employees.

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