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Being a bright spark

Being an electrician is a fun job. I get to see all sorts of offices and homes. A lot of the time, the jobs I need to do are relatively small, but it's great that people call me because the risks of someone who doesn't know what they are doing getting hurt on electrical work is huge. I never look at a job and think why did these people call me? If you are a bright spark and don't like to meddle in electrical work you don't fully understand, then keep reading my site. I'm passionate about safe electrical work.

Your Guide to the Different Electric Pole Materials

Overhead power lines come with many benefits. They are cost-effective, easy to detect and repair faults, easy to expand, reliable during outages, and are perfect for long-distance power transmissions. Therefore, they are an option worth considering if you plan to install power in your home. Electric poles typically support overhead power lines. For this reason, it is beneficial to pay attention to the electric poles you choose for power installation. That's because electric poles are generally made from different materials, and each material has its benefits and drawbacks. Read More 

4 Signs of a Faulty Appliance

Electrical appliances have taken over most household chores that people previously handled manually. Today, you can relax as one of your appliances cleans your laundry while another does the dishes. Others like the air conditioner to keep your home cool and comfy. But as much as these devices have made life easier and more comfortable, they can become dangerous when faulty.  For that reason, you need to stay alert and note signs of appliance damage requiring the attention of an electrician. Read More