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Being a bright spark

Being an electrician is a fun job. I get to see all sorts of offices and homes. A lot of the time, the jobs I need to do are relatively small, but it's great that people call me because the risks of someone who doesn't know what they are doing getting hurt on electrical work is huge. I never look at a job and think why did these people call me? If you are a bright spark and don't like to meddle in electrical work you don't fully understand, then keep reading my site. I'm passionate about safe electrical work.

Why You Should Hire an Electrician to Install your Solar Panels

Getting solar panels for your home is a perfect idea because they help conserve the environment and reduce energy bills. Installing the panels may seem like an easy project, so you may be tempted to do it on your own. However, it is not advisable to do it yourself because you do not have enough knowledge about solar panels and their installation. It is important to get an electrician for this project because it will be faster and you will have peace of mind. Read More 

Power Outages: Do You Need to Call an After-Hours Electrician?

If all the power in your home suddenly goes out in the evening or over a weekend, then you may not know what you need to do next. In some cases, this may be a general power fault that will be remedied by your power supplier in time; in others this may be a problem with your own electrical system that needs to be fixed by an electrician. How can you tell the difference? Read More 

3 Benefits of LED Floodlights

If you are considering the ways in which you can light the exterior of your property during the hours of darkness, you may be thinking about installing floodlights. There are many different types of floodlight on the market, such as halogen lights, high-intensity discharge lights and traditional incandescent lamps. However, you should also consider the new kid on the floodlight block, LED lighting. Below is a guide to 3 benefits that LED floodlights can offer. Read More 

Reasons You Shouldn’t Ignore Electrical Testing and Tagging for the Appliances in Your School

With a large population of students, teaching staff and other employees within the school, there is so much pressure on electrical appliances. This elevates the risk of electrocution and other accidents related to power supply such as fire breakouts. You need to keep an eye on the electrical appliances in your school to guarantee that they are safe for use at all times. This is achieved through electrical appliance testing and tagging. Read More 

What to Consider Before Buying and Using a Power Generator

Power generators allow you to have access to electricity in your home even when the power goes out. This is ideal if your entire street has no power but you need lights or want to charge your electrical appliances. If this will be your first time purchasing one, consider these tips. Know What Type of Generator to Get First The first thing you need to do is consider your options when it comes to power generators so you can narrow down your results and decide what type of generator to get. Read More