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How to Increase the Speed of Your DSL

A digital subscriber line (DSL) refers to the wiring through which your home receives telephone and internet connectivity. You may notice that your download speeds are very slow and yet your internet service provider (ISP) promised that you would have a faster speed. If you are experiencing this problem, read on and find out what you can do to improve the speed of your DSL.

Move Your Modem Away from Other Electronics

One possible reason for a slow DSL is interference from electromagnetic waves generated by other electronic devices. For instance, the electromagnetic "noise" from a microwave oven can affect the performance of the internet connection. If you suspect that this may be the reason for your slow connection, move the modem away from the vicinity of other electrical appliances (or transfer the other electronics to a different location) and see if the connection improves. If no improvement results, try the other remedies below.

Plug Your Modem Into the Jack Closest to the Incoming ISP Line

Another cause of a weak internet connection is a deteriorating signal as wires run from the main line connecting your home to the ISP. To get better connectivity, plug your modem into the jack that is very close to the main line from your ISP. This will enable you to get a stronger signal since you will be getting it close to the incoming signal from the ISP. If it is not possible for you to plug the modem into that jack, run a line from that jack straight to where you use your modem. You will get a strong signal since it will not have any deterioration caused by distributing it among several output points.

Call the Internet Service Provider for Help

Observe the signal light on your modem for a while. In case you see it blinking on and off, call your ISP and ask them to send a technician to rectify any installation defects that may be causing the unstable connection. Once the configuration issues are sorted, your DSL speed will improve.

Overhaul the Wiring

The slow DSL may be because your data cables have become old. If the ISP technician sees nothing wrong with the signal reaching your home and all the other remedies above don't yield positive results, call an electrical company to install new cables in your home. This will improve the medium through which signals travel so your internet connection will improve.

You should try the first three options before considering the costly alternative of re-wiring the entire system. A certified electrician from an electrical company will inspect the system and advise you on the best way forward.