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Being an electrician is a fun job. I get to see all sorts of offices and homes. A lot of the time, the jobs I need to do are relatively small, but it's great that people call me because the risks of someone who doesn't know what they are doing getting hurt on electrical work is huge. I never look at a job and think why did these people call me? If you are a bright spark and don't like to meddle in electrical work you don't fully understand, then keep reading my site. I'm passionate about safe electrical work.

When It's Vital That You Call an Electrician to Your Home

Not every electrical job around the house will require the services of a professional electrician, as you might be able to install a new ceiling fan or replace an electrical outlet on your own with a few simple tools and set of instructions. However, there are times when it's vital that you call an electrician to check the wiring of your home and make repairs and upgrades as needed. Note when it's good to have a professional electrician check on the current wiring in your home and have them on hand during renovation projects.

1. After a flood

If your home has been flooded, chances are the wiring behind the walls has gotten wet. Before you turn on any electrical appliances, it's good to have an electrician come out and inspect the wiring and connections as well as the circuit breakers and all other components of your home's electrical system. Wet building materials around damaged wires might pose a hazard, as water conducts electricity. A simple spark near water can mean more damage to wires or singeing of the building materials. Even if you've had your home cleaned and building materials replaced after a flood, it's still good to call an electrician for an assessment of any other damage.

2. If you're renovating an older home

Older homes may not have been built up to today's electrical codes, so simply renovating around wiring and connectors may not be safe. Those connections may be very delicate, and any type of work near them might cause them to come loose, and older wiring may not have the same grounding or circuits as today's wiring. You might run older wiring through a new bathroom in your home without realizing that it's not safe to be used in an outlet near water, or might overload the wiring by installing new appliances that demand too much electricity. Call an electrician if you know your home's wiring is several decades old, and have him or her work with your contractor to update the wiring and ensure its safety during a renovation project.

3. If building materials are singed

If you pull up old insulation or tear down a wall and notice that the building materials seem singed, you need to call an electrician. This often signals bare or frayed wires. They may have been consistently overloaded with demands for power, or rodents may have chewed through them. In any case, have this investigated by an electrician as soon as possible.

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