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Being a bright spark

Being an electrician is a fun job. I get to see all sorts of offices and homes. A lot of the time, the jobs I need to do are relatively small, but it's great that people call me because the risks of someone who doesn't know what they are doing getting hurt on electrical work is huge. I never look at a job and think why did these people call me? If you are a bright spark and don't like to meddle in electrical work you don't fully understand, then keep reading my site. I'm passionate about safe electrical work.

Electrical Emergencies: Tips on Surviving Power Outages

Electrical power supply is critical in the home because it facilitates lighting of the interior spaces. Moreover, the energy powers important residential appliances and charges the digital devices. Unfortunately, you can lose your power supply due to harsh weather, wildlife and tree interference, supply equipment failure and public damage due to road accidents.

Some of these power outage incidences such as storms are foreseeable while others are unexpected. Ideally, you should contact an emergency electrician to resolve the problem immediately. However, if there are limiting factors to immediate resolution such as ice, rainstorms or high winds, consider using these simple guidelines to help you cope with the power loss.

Disconnect Appliances

You should ensure that your appliances are protected against electrical irregularities during the outage. In simple terms, the electrical power supply can experience sudden surges which will result in a momentary flow of high current into your system. The sudden energy can flow into kitchen appliances, televisions, DVD players and computers, causing damage to the internal components.

Therefore, you should turn off the power outlets or even better, disconnect the plugs from the sockets. It is also prudent to ensure that the lighting fixtures are turned off for the same reason to avoid expensive replacements. Additionally, you should always ensure that safety devices such as circuit breakers, surge protectors and fuses are in place, in case some electrical loads are forgotten.

Avoid Hazardous Practices

Homes are highly dependent on electricity, so most people are unaware of the right practices to follow without the resource. You should never use any equipment that releases carbon monoxide inside the house. This gas is highly poisonous and cannot be recognised by odour or sight. It can displace oxygen in the blood and cause serious health problems and even death. For example, camping heating equipment and gas and charcoal barbeque grills are hazardous, so avoid them. If you must use candles, ensure that they are on a stable surface. Do not leave them unattended and never use them as night lights.

Consider Obtaining a Generator

You should consider obtaining a backup generator for your home. For example, when the local region is set for weather that includes high winds, hailstorms or heavy rain, power outage is likely to occur. You will not have to purchase the generator since there are local rental businesses that provide the powering equipment. If you install this backup power, ensure that it is not confined in the house with you since the generator also emits carbon monoxide.